Friday, May 6, 2011

Show and tell

This is Jarbridge in Nevada, a childhood memory of were my family and friends would camp and party. Every year the town would always have a parade, from pie eating contests to other games.

One year I ended up being apart of the parade it was fun but also emberresing by waving by and being apart of a parade.

Also everytime we would go back to camp which was atleast a mile or two away from town, we would gather again after we had fun in town. My parents and I would go to a resturaunt just to have more family time.

At camp we would have set up tents or campers, a fire pit for the fire at nights and the mornings, and a very cold river to swim in that also has a dam built out of rocks. I also used to bring my mountain bike to ride up and down the hill to go to town to look around to just doing it for fun and ride it into town and into camp several times.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A favorite memory from highschool

A favorite memory/ experience from highschool was when our school had a black out. I can't exactley remember what grade I was in, maybe 9th or 10th grade. But during that day of the black out we couldn't go on with the lessons, so we just played games and talk.

I can't remember the games we played, but I remember we played a coulpe of board games, and a couple of games of heads up seven up.

But even though I can't remeber much on what we did on that day, I know I had fun.

Senior Project

For my senior project, I had chosen anime painted in watercolor. Why did I choose to use watercolor? I chosen to paint in watercolor because it was different, and it was something that made me wan't to learn more about it. Why did I decide to use anime? Because I wanted to paint something I usually don't see somebody paint, most of the paintings I have seen are abstract, or real life looking.

Preparing for it wasn't that hard to do, I just had to get my self into a habbit into doing the same things, like making up my own characters (always do) and sketch them out before I put it on watercolor paper and choosing the size of the paper I wan't to use, choosing the colors I wan't to use on that character, using special tape that is ment to be used to hold down watercolor paper, wet down the tape and paper and wait for the next day, and start painting.

At the end it turned out great, for something I have never done before and keep practicing on using watercolor, and asking for advice on what I am missing, I can acually see the progress I went through. The title I have chosen for my project was Practice Makes Perfect.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring Break

What did I do for spring break? During spring break I was celebrating my birthday, but it was a little bad, but I was also a little unprepared and didn't call my friends early enough, I also forgot there phone numbers and couldn't find them in my phone book, and I also forgot that my birthday was coming up. On my birthday I had my brother, his wife and child, and my parents to celebrate it with. We really didn't do much, but we had dinner and I got a tacklebox (for fishing like hooks and bait ect.) and we talked and ate cake and ice-cream. The next day a friend of my parents came over and she made a necklace for my birthday as a late birthday present, and also brought a movie to watch called Alice in wonderland. So over my birthday it was really hetic and not put to gether well but I still had fun, and celebrated on different days. There was also more people who came over, my grandma and aunt, another of my parent's friends, another family member on my dad's side of the family but don't know how we are connected, and an old friend of mine.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Abrstract art

During this week I have been drawing abrtract drawings, I have been making shapes into pictures like a flower or a sun, this is an improvement on my part. Why is this an improvement? This would be an improvement because I usually don't make my abstract pictures into real objects, I would usually make a bunch of shapes in different sizes and cover the whole page in it, then I would just use my imagination to figure out what I can see.

Friday, February 4, 2011

2nd topic.

This last two weeks I have been involved in anime, and also reading about peoples fanfictions about the anime. I have been reading these fanfictions because it also lets me get ideas for drawing and poetry, it also is fun to read when the people like to add themselves into the story.
So mostly I have been getting ideas for my art work. But I don't steel the peoples characters.